FuboTV: Why I Like This Stock Better Than DraftKings

Audience Growth

FuboTV put quite a few triple digits on the scoreboard in the last earnings report, which was the strongest first quarter in company history. Due to the seasonality of sports, Q1 is typically lighter in terms of growth for Fubo, yet the company reported sequential revenue and subscriber growth.

Live Sports OTT

Not surprisingly, we saw the biggest drop ever in households with cable packages this past year with a record 7.5% decline. Tech Crunch recently stated the 2020 pandemic accelerated the projected cord cutting rate to 31.2 million households last year and is expected to reach 46.6 million households by 2024.

Sports Betting

In the United Kingdom, sports betting is a $20 billion industry today. There are projections that sports betting will be a $155 billion industry by 2024. To find an opportunity with exposure to this market at a $3 billion market cap is worth a closer look.


We officially recommended FuboTV in October and did not hesitate to challenge the shorts in January before the last two earnings reports confirmed the company’s strong growth. We specialize in spotting opportunities in tech growth based on product and we were the first analyst (anywhere) to recommend Roku, we were very early to call Nvidia the future for AI during the crypto bust nearly two years before AI drove the data center segment, and we said Zoom’s product would go viral six months before covid.



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Beth Kindig

Beth Kindig

CEO and Lead Tech Analyst for the I/O Fund with cumulative audited results of 141%, beating Ark and other leading active tech funds over four audit periods in 2