I Predicted Microsoft Would Win The Pentagon Contract A Year Ago — Here’s What Amazon Is Missing

Pentagon Contract is about Hybrid Cloud Computing; Not Politics

The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative (JEDI) will cover 1,700 data centers and move 3.4 million end users and 4 million endpoint devices off private servers and onto the cloud. The contract is worth $10 billion allocated over the next ten years to a single cloud vendor.

History behind Hybrid Cloud Computing

In January 2016, when Amazon was enjoying its enormous lead in the cloud IaaS market, Microsoft set out to solve the issue of how to allow sensitive data to remain on-premise while also leveraging the cloud. Azure Stack was launched in 2017 when Microsoft owned a mere 8% of the market.

More on Hybrid Cloud Computing

Although there has been no official announcement from the DoD that the department is choosing a hybrid strategy, it would be hard to imagine the Pentagon storing all of its highly classified data on outside, third-party servers.


Admittedly, the nuances between tech products can be harder to ascertain as noise from Wall Street reels, public relations firms and celebrity CEOs are frankly more exciting than technical specifications.



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Beth Kindig

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