Piracy on the rise with $7 billion in Pay TV loss

Media delivery is constantly evolving — how the ExpressPlay™ Suite can help

Content protection technologies and services enable a trusted environment for content companies to distribute their content. While content protection for digital media is a mature technology, protecting the billions of pieces of content distributed to millions of devices daily is a constant challenge. The Intertrust ExpressPlay™ cloud DRM system provides complete, end-to-end content protection and is the only multi-DRM technology available across all popular platforms and formats.

  • Why innovation is key and how some companies have reduced subscriber loss
  • Ratings for subscription video on demand and how they prove there is room for more providers in SVOD opportunities
  • The future of addressable media and proper targeting with 600% growth in programmatic
  • Additional information on the $7 billion in piracy losses
  • And much more…



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Beth Kindig

Beth Kindig


CEO and Lead Tech Analyst for the I/O Fund with cumulative audited results of 141%, beating Ark and other leading active tech funds over four audit periods in 2