PODCAST: Are Autonomous Vehicles Overhyped? Will China Be the First to Deploy AVs? Intel Answers.

In episode 1 of Tech Lightning Rounds, Beth Kindig goes directly to the source of AV expertise and hosts discussions with technologists who specialize in the field. Interviews are held in “lightning round” format, which are rapid interviews with tech experts for immediate depth on each topic.

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In episode 1, Jill Sciarappo, Director of Autonomous Driving at Intel, is candid as she discusses areas where AV companies can improve on safety and how a new coalition called PAVE can help. PAVE stands for the Partners of Automated Vehicle Education initiative, which was launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, to help bring “realistic, factual information to policymakers and the public.”

Jill and Beth also chat about the confusion consumers have around AV and why press headlines need to be a little more accountable. Jill is from Arizona, where a lot of AV testing occurs, and Jill raises the question: “What level of best practices or validation do we need to have these companies prove they can accomplish before we let them on our city streets?” She goes on to answer this question in the podcast by drawing parallels to the various ways this has been solved in the past.

The interview also discusses Mobileye, the acquisition Intel made in 2017 for $15.3 billion. Beth takes the opportunity to ask probing questions about Intel’s growing partnerships with China. Jill also discusses the tri-focal lens Mobileye released in 2018 and why sharing data, rather than keeping it proprietary, is crucial for AV advancement. This part of the interview, perhaps more than any other, zeroes in on an important issue that is holding AV development back: can we truly achieve safety and progress towards driverless without a more open source approach to mapping and data?

Background on Mobileye: Mobileye is an Israeli-based company that develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that provides warnings for collisions and mitigation. Most recently, Mobileye, who is partnered with Baidu, has announced more partnerships in China with Great Wall Motors and the Beijing Public Transport Corp.

Listen live from CES 2019 and don’t miss this candid interview set alongside two other autonomous vehicle experts who discuss the history behind AVs and also how to secure AVs from hackers.

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