Unity Stock: Priced Too Low For The Long-Term Opportunity

Unity Has 2.8 Billion MAUs

Despite the temporary mishap with Audience Pinpointer, Unity has significant proprietary data and insights to feed contextual models. Unity is a game engine where more than 2.8 billion monthly active users (MAUs) play games or apps built on Unity compared to Facebook’s 2.9 billion monthly active users. The total addressable market for gaming exceeds 4 billion MAUs and Unity serves 61% of game developers.

The Metaverse Opportunity

Developing games on Unity is low code and sometimes no code, which is ideal for 3D creators who are not necessarily developers. This lends itself well to the creator community that is most likely to drive forward the Metaverse, or Web3, and also the various industries that can benefit from 3D or AR/VR right now. The Create Solutions and tools are also great for prototyping, which speeds up the time to deployment. Unity is frequently acquiring tools and plugins to lower the barrier of entry for developers and creators. For example, Bolt2 helps developers implement logic without knowing how to code.

Financials and Audience Pinpointer Issues:

The company finished the year 2021 strong with revenue growing 44% YoY to $1.1 billion and adjusted operating margins improved 200 bps to -4.6%. As a percentage of revenue, R&D is at 69%, which is slightly higher than it’s been in previous quarters. Expenses are frontloaded at the beginning of the year with the company expected to break even by 2023.


Unity Software is the market leader in the fast-growing gaming industry. The company’s future growth opportunities extend beyond gaming to include industrial real-time 3D and the Metaverse. Due to its proprietary data from 2.8 billion MAUs and contextual targeting, Unity will likely come out stronger than other ad-tech companies following Apple’s privacy changes (and Google’s upcoming privacy changes circa 2023).



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